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BTEC Engineering

Year 12 Engineers:

 All Year 12 Engineers need to continue work for Unit 1 Engineering Principles. Diploma and Extended Diploma students (‘Doubles’ and ‘Triples’) should continue to work on Unit 4 Commercial and Quality Engineering Assignment B and Unit 43 CNC Assignment B and submit these to their teachers by email. Triples can also download Picaxe from the website and practise designing Unit 6 Microcontroller Systems.

Year 13 Engineers:

Please continue to submit assignments for assessment, this includes those in any recovery plan or referral work as these may be needed for the BTEC assessment process.


Assignments due:

 Unit 5B Specialist Project

Unit 30B Mechanical Measurement


Please ensure that all assignments previously completed are signed and that an email copy is sent to Mervyn.laxon@bteacademy.

If you are stuck please email or or or for support or guidance