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Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND)  

Bristol Technology & Engineering Academy is a University Technical College, taking students in from schools across Bristol and beyond. We are a fully comprehensive school, offering a broad curriculum in the STEM subjects (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths). We support educational inclusion and take students regardless of academic ability, ethnicity, impairment or background and provide equal opportunities. We aim to identify any barriers to learning or participation as soon as is possible, to ensure the very best education for your child. 

How will we know if your child needs extra help?

Before your child starts with us, we will have gathered information from:

  • Feeder schools and end of KS3 National Curriculum levels
  • The results of the CATs test, sat prior to admission
  • Your comments on the application form
  • Any external agencies involved with your child
  • Our attending any transfer meetings, where invited

Thereafter, we use information from:

  • Termly assessments from subject teachers
  • Any parental or external agency concerns
  • Our own testing of progress in reading accuracy, reading comprehension and spelling numeracy

If your child needs to be assessed, we may:

  • Use a range of specialist assessments to gather further information, depending on area of need
  • Refer to an external agency, with your permission and involvement
  • Offer additional family support via an external agency

How will we know how your child is doing?

The school will keep you informed through:

  • Termly reports on attitude to learning and behaviour, current and target levels in individual subjects
  • Parents’ evenings
  • E-mail, telephone calls
  • Appointments with individual teachers

In addition, Student Support will:

  • Hold an annual review for all students with statements/EHCPs
  • Track progress of all on our SEND Record
  • Test pre- and post interventions, to measure progress and inform planning

As a school, further information comes via:

  • The schools website
  • Newsletters
  • Open Days/Evenings
  • For Learning Support, a dedicated SEN Governor checks and reviews our work and prepares a report for the BTEA Governing Body

How will we support your child?

For children with additional needs, we will inform tutors and subject teachers by providing:

  • Statemented Student Profiles (Statemented and EHCP) which detail individual needs, pen picture of your child and targets to be worked on
  • Student Passports which provide the teacher with specific information pertaining to your child so as lessons can be adapted, if necessary

The above are reviewed regularly. The majority of our students are expected to follow the STEM curriculum. However, for those requiring a more personalised approach:

  • Additional literacy/numeracy teaching is provided, usually on a short term withdrawl basis
  • Opportunity to focus more on Maths and English in year 11 by reconsidering option choices

Any additional interventions will always be discussed with you and you will be kept informed of progress. As your child enters year 11, if we think that they may need support with their GCSEs, a specialist assessment will be carried out by a trained assessor. This assessment is then sent to the Joint Council for Qualifications for their consideration.

What about pastoral support?

At BTEA, we take our pastoral responsibilities very seriously. There is a high level of support and guidance provided through:

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Vertical tutor groups

We aim to keep students with the same tutor as they move through the school, to provide continuity and to build strong, supportive relationships.

Our ‘Student Support Service’ provides much additional help to those who require it. This includes:

  • A lead person for vulnerable students
  • Counselling through referral to our School Nurse
  • Access to external agencies if necessary (eg Police, Youth Offending Team, CAMHS)

There is also a safe and supervised area at break/lunch times for those who prefer a quieter time. For those requiring additional support in their class, we have a small team of Learning Support Assistants who go into classes to work with individual and small groups of students.

How accessible is the school?

As a new build, BTEA is designated as an ‘accessible school’.

How can you be involved?

Your support is vital in encouraging your child to fully engage with their learning. We appreciate your:

  • Helping them be organised for their day, checking planners
  • Encouraging full attendance and punctuality
  • Assistance with completion of homework
  • Attendance at parents’ meetings or meetings specifically about your child

How can your child contribute?

Students are encouraged to:

  • Take part in ‘Pupil Voice’ activities
  • Attend review meetings
  • Be part of any target setting

What should you do if you have any concerns?

In the first instance, please contact the tutor or subject teacher. They can refer your concern to senior or more appropriate staff, if necessary.

The school has a formal complaints policy on its website.

What other services are available through the school?

In summary, BTEA can access a wide range of services, including:

  • CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service)
  • EP (Educational Psychologist)
  • ASDOT (Autistic Spectrum Outreach Team)
  • Social Care
  • Careers Advice

How will we support your child’s transition before and after secondary school?

We liaise with all our feeder schools and try to visit students who may benefit from additional support with their transition. On occasions, ‘taster’ sessions can be organised. 

For students leaving us:

  • The SENCo or another appropriate member of staff is invited to attend year 11, 13 statement/EHCP reviews for those looking to go onto another school or college
  • The school offers careers advice and guidance
  • Support is provided for university applications by a dedicated member of staff

How can you get further information?

  • Contact us by telephone or e-mail
  • Look at South Gloucestershire Council’s Local Offer
  • Look at the school’s SEND Policy on our website


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