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Uniform ordering

 Students will be required to wear the full and correct BTE Academy uniform and their lanyard at all times. We believe that students should take pride in their appearance and should arrive at BTE Academy ready to work. Uniform can be ordered via

*Please note girl’s uniform must be ordered via and will need paying for in advance. A time will need to be arranged for your daughter to try on the uniform, here at BTEA before placing an order.

Uniform expectations:

- White school shirt/blouse (compulsory) – available through SWI

- Black trousers or black skirt (compulsory). Minimum length must be   close to the knee and not tight fitted – available through SWI or elsewhere

- Black shoes (compulsory)

- Black V neck jumper (optional) – available through SWI or elsewhere

- BTE Academy blazer jacket (optional) – available through SWI

- BTE Academy tie (optional) – available through SWI

- PE Uniform: Key Stage 4 students will wear PE kit for all PE lessons.

We believe that students should take pride in their appearance when participating in any activities at BTE. Specific PE uniform items can be ordered from SWI. An overview of the Academy PE uniform is as follows:

- Black BTE PE top with logo – available from SWI

- Plain black T Shirt with no artwork or graphics – optional

- Plain black sweatshirt with no graphics or artwork - optional 

- Plain black shorts – no graphics or artwork

- Plain black tracksuit bottoms – no graphics or artwork

- Suitable trainers

Any student who arrives in non-uniform items may be sent home or removed from lessons. If jewellery is worn it must not be excessive and should reflect our ‘dress for work’ culture. Earrings must be studs only and no facial piercings are allowed. Hairstyles should not be extreme and be of one natural colour. Makeup, if worn, must be discreet only. Head scarves and hair bands should be plain black or navy blue. No outdoor clothing is to be worn indoors. Lockers are provided for students to store items that are not part of the academy uniform e.g. outdoor coats and hoodies as they should not be worn inside.