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Contacting the employer

Great, you’ve found a placement that you are interested in and have the contact details ready. Now you need to make contact and, if possible, secure a possible work experience place with the person you speak to. You can do this in a number of ways: 

By Phone

consider the following things:

Make sure you have a pen and paper ready so you can make a note of names and contact details;

  • Ask politely to speak to the contact you have found, or the person in charge of work experience (e.g. “Hello, can I speak to _____________________ please”);
  • Tell them where you study, and ask whether it would be possible to arrange a work experience placement with them (you should have the dates for your work experience week(s) in front of you - they will ask for these) (e.g. “My name is ____________ and I’m a student at Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy. I would like to arrange a work experience placement with you please”);
  • If the person is not available, ask to leave a message with your name and contact number.
  • Your contact may refer you to an online application through a company website or ask you to e-mail in your request. Be sure to write down any contact details or web addresses, and repeat back the telephone numbers you have been given to make sure they are correct. You should then follow this up straight away in order to have the best chance of being offered a placement.

Whether or not an employer is able to offer a placement, always be polite and thank people for their time.

By e-mail:

When you have spoken to a contact and they have requested that you follow the conversation up with an e-mail, you could use the following format: 

“Dear, _______________________

 Following our conversation earlier today, I would like to request a work experience placement at (company name) between (dates)

I am a Year (e.g. 10) student at Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy, and I can be contacted on (telephone number). Should you wish to contact the work experience co-ordinator at my school, please e-mail or call 0117 983 8080).

 Yours Faithfully,