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Health & Safety and Safeguarding checks

To ensure the safety and quality of work experience placements undertaken by BTEA students, we need to ensure that up-to-date Health & Safety and Safeguarding checks are in place prior to the start of the placement.

For placements you have found on Webview, you will see that next to the placement is a coloured ‘traffic light’. This informs you of the status of these checks.

GREEN - Those placements you have found on Webview with a green traffic light sign already have an in-date Health & Safety / Safeguarding check in           place. The deadlines below do not apply to these placements.

RED - For all placements confirmed which have a red traffic light on Webview or are not found on Webview at all, please make sure that information regarding these placements is submitted to BTEA as soon as possible, or         at least by the deadlines detailed below. An easy way to avoid missing   these deadlines is to search for ‘Approved Placements Only’ on       Webview. (See how by using the webview guide.)