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1. Research

Use the Webview internet portal to research possible placements for you to attend. A brief guide on how to use Webview can be found in your Work Experience pack. You can also talk to friends and family for suggestions. I will send any important messages to you via the Messages tab on your area of Webview, so please check this regularly. Please note, there is a deadline for informing BTEA of placements that have been secured. These can be found in the deadline section. Use the research sheets to record your progress.

2. Contact / Confirm

Secure your placement by speaking to your contact. For tips on how to make your first contact successful. See section ‘Contacting the employer‘

3. Inform BTEA

Complete the Work Experience Placement submission form email to Mr Gambrell at or by hand to reception. Extra copies of this form can be found at reception.

4. Paperwork

Once Mr Gambrell has contacted the company, parents/carers will be given a Parental Consent Form to sign and hand back, and employers will be asked to sign an Employer Agreement Form. Only once these are returned is the placement considered fully confirmed.

5. Placement

It’s time for your work experience placement. Make sure you are prepared in advance. You need to complete your work experience diary and to hand in to your tutor or deliver to the school for checking. Look at the Work Experience Checklist for a reminder of what you need to know. If you’re not sure, please contact the placement employer. Contact details are found on your job description.

6. Follow-up

All students should write a Thank You Letter to their host placement. This can be handed in on your last day or posted after the fact. An example of a thank-you letter can be found here.

Please also complete the feedback survey through the Work Experience Feedback link TBC